Apparel Design

This was my first project for my Illustration and Products class this semester, and I was very interested in exploring the world of design and trend analysis! The project goal was to research, prepare, and design a collection of tops for a retail store of our choice. I chose to create a collection for H&M Spring 2020. First, I researched current trends and ideas from H&M and similar stores, and used this info to create a Trendboard for my collection.

Next, I used the ideas I had gathered previously to design a diverse collection of tops that addressed a new creative opportunity for the store.

Finally, I created an example Spec Page for one of the tops, that provided measurements, designs, and specifications for the garment.

Apparel Spec Page

Throughout this project I gained necessary skills in trend research and analysis, design ideation, and product design specification. I look forward to designing more items in the future!